"The teacher"


I honestly do not remember the year, but the moment is of those that you
they remain imprinted.
A class, twenty children, the only teacher of the past Giovanni
Carlini from Toirano, the lesson could be geography, science,
civic or other education.
"Guys, imagine if a sparrow after eating, every day
He flew to the top of Monte Carmo and to wipe his beak from the crumbs
rub twice on a stone, every day for a very long time.
What do you think would happen to you?
We all answered in chorus, no Master would not happen anything.
Kids think about it! If a sparrow continues to do this col
spending time, our beautiful mountain would be leveled, there
it would be more! "
I do not remember what a lesson it was, but it was a "lesson".
Every action we do always involves effects!
Making treasure of the teachings received in these years, in which I have
had the pleasure of directing the Section, I tried with many of you not
to act like a sparrow, but to always act with the intent to build solid
bases on which to build the future of our Association.
Did we succeed? The answer to you.


Franco Moreno