The planning of the calendar of social activities 2019, as happens every
year, was preceded by a certain ferment .. different opinions, tastes, mountains
that everyone has in his heart more than others and more than the others, ready for alpine ambitions
always to meet some more experienced partner who brings their feet back to the ground.
However, it remains the common denominator given by the desire to go for mountains, from
that craving that drives us to escape as soon as possible even just "running away"
on the modest reliefs behind the house, which makes us get up at small hours in the middle of summer for
look for a flowering of rhododendrons, a clear lake set in the rock, one
summit cross that never comes and that when it is finally at hand
already leaves space to the trouble of having to get off, go home, to the newspaper. IS'
difficult to please everyone but our leaders have tried to put together
ideas that can allow more people, also based on contingent needs
of work, family and, alas, budget to be able to take part as much as possible to
social activities; in fact, it has tried to combine trips that include a
program on several days and excursions you can do in the day. Great space,
├ža va sans say to the excursionism in its various difficulty scales; not
however, there are also alpine outings and, after a few years of absence, we will have
the return of activity in cave and canyoning, with the promise, for the future, of
implement other sectors in the past more popular as ski mountaineering and new
like cyclo-excursionism. There are obviously no activities designed for
our little "Owls", adapted to their abilities (however notable) and the always
nurtured calendar of "Loano not only sea" which proposes as every year a
interesting program to discover especially the immediate hinterland.
The real protagonists of the next social calendar, however, will always be the same
mountains, in particular, the nearest ones, the Ligurian, Maritime and Cozie Alps, i
mountains "in front of the sea" where each of us has lived a history and tried
emotions to share, where we all went "to school" in the mountains, one
school made of exams that never end. Hoping not to have forgotten
nobody or anything important in my first official presentation
of the social activity, I wish all the members of the Section a clear 2019.
Good mountain everyone!



Simone Delmonte