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Dear members and associates,

For the last time I have the burden and honor of drafting the "two lines" of presentation of the sectional calendar which, finally, after various attempts and efforts, we manage to restore according to the good tradition of the "booklet" which will be distributed starting from the evening of Christmas greetings (which also returned to normal) and gradually during the membership... we thought that, perhaps, to make it more captivating and suited to the new rules of marketing and modern communication, the term would be more appropriate " mountain's experience" but, fortunately, common sense has brought us back to a well-trodden path, so, at least for this year we will still present the "social trips", moreover in a single container in which to once again list both the Sunday outings than the midweek ones of LNSM.

Last year saw the successful return of on-site screening and conference evenings which immediately met with excellent feedback, so this type of activity will again be proposed with new and interesting topics and also re-proposing the more strictly technical-practical leitmotifs which are always requested by members.

For next 2024, as always, there will be something for all tastes, in terms of distance and difference in altitude, we will range from easy walks in our Mediterranean scrub to challenging ascents on the 3,000 meters of the Western Alps, without missing via ferratas, mountaineering outings and some well further away from Liguria.

The program of Non solo mare is always full and varied, now back in full swing, as is that of the very young "owls", also hoping to inaugurate a new activity for those who have now "taken flight", resuming a project that Covid he interrupted abruptly.

The pandemic itself has characterized, despite myself, the second "mandate" that I am now preparing to close, as, fortunately for you, I am no longer eligible for re-election according to the statute; I found myself presiding over the section in the historical moment that for the first time seriously called into question the very phenomenon of associationism. Now almost four years after the fateful 2020, I can say that the life of the Section has resumed at full speed, perhaps with less "presence" and more "chat" but with everyone's commitment: first of all the precious advisors and all those members more willing people who went out of their way to get the activities back on their feet, to finish the expansion work on the refuge and to continue the meritorious work of maintaining our paths.
A big "thank you" to everyone and happy mountain climbing for 2024 too.

Simone Delmonte

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