For the activities of our Section, a particularly fruitful 2019 is coming to an end and it will see
the completion of many important initiatives with the next 2020, now in the run-up to the fiftieth
year from the foundation of the section and in the middle of the twenty-fifth birthday of "Loano non solo mare":

the happy initiative born right in our ranks with the aim of promoting hiking within the reach of
many and destined to make known that splendid universe which is our immediate hinterland; a reality that
it has grown beyond all expectations and that today sees a hard core of enthusiastic participants who
presents, also for next year, an interesting program for the now traditional "Thursday" trips.
Another group has grown, not only in number but ... in height! Yes, our Owls are now
becoming older, the excursions on our mountains combined with playful moments, perhaps begin to stay a little
tight and you want to face something more adventurous, so here we can, with a pinch of
pride, to present from the next year the group of the "Eagles", the ex Owls that will begin to
familiarize yourself with the first rudiments of mountaineering. The closing year is also to be remembered for a
important step that we have all taken together: the conclusion of the first part of the works of
extension of the "Pian delle Bosse" sectional refuge, which can now have rooms that are finally suitable for
success that the management of Valentina and Lorenzo has achieved in these years. We can't mention one ad
one all those who gave a hand because there are many, on the other hand we Ligurian these things
we do with discretion and concreteness: many members have given time, benches, professional skills,
arms, elbow grease, who organized shows, concerts, initiatives ... and there is still a lot of work to do,
there is to get to the second floor and the roof. One family in particular deserves to be remembered: that
of the National CAI, of which we are all part, which has put its hand in the social coffers to give us an

unexpected and irreplaceable support, demonstrating with the facts that the registration fee that goes to Milan

when there is need, go back with interests.
I still remember the important results achieved in the field of trail maintenance and I make everyone
take part in the congratulations received from the competent regional offices for the work done by the few
but good volunteers (by the way, new arms and shoulders are always welcome ... generally a glass
in company with work finished we don't deny it to anyone!)
After having hoped for praise and respects we come to the 2020 program ... more mountaineering, many

feasible excursions both in the day near home and in refuge for several days, the return of cycle-hiking

activities with the friends of the Section of Albenga and a rich intersectional calendar with the sisters of

the Riviera di Ponente to allow everyone to find during the year the summit, the trekking, the trip that inspires

you the most and the most adjust to your abilities. Finally, I would like to point out a program of theoretical

meetings in place to better face it the outputs on the territory.
The Section is always open to receive everyone's ideas and contributions; now all that remains is to send us

your best wishes and for the next year "bundle" the backpacks and attack the streets and paths that await us

to give us those moments unforgettable, that we seek by wandering on the high lands.



Simone Delmonte





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